Friday, May 11, 2012

Pack Your Bags!

I'm moving over to my new blog... Paravent... 
would you like to join me? All aboard the Paravent 
Express! To celebrate I have a giveaway too :)
Want to win a hand screen-printed tea towel?
Come over to enter... the competition closes 
Sun 27th May.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving on...

I had a shock start Tuesday morning - I received an Infringement Notice from 
Etsy saying I'm no longer allowed to use 3 Sheets as a shop name and have 
to change all these things on my shop. I was totally blown away. Not only that 
they said that I'm not allowed to talk about it on any public forums until the 
issue has been resolved. 

Well, to my mind, it has been 'resolved' now because I have changed the name 
of my Etsy shop... did you notice? Kylie3Sheets is no more... I'm Paravent now. 
So, 'issue resolved' as far as they are concerned, but I still need some advice. 
Do you have time for a long read? Can you give me your opinion please?

Okay, so back to a bit of background... First of all you might be wondering "Why?"
I instantly knew who was behind it because I've been harrassed and bullied by 
another Etsy seller (and no I won't say who) since the beginning of the year. 
She took out a US trademark on the name Three Sheets to the Wind last year 
and wishes to enforce that even as far as small-fish sellers who have only a
part of this name. Anyway, she has got Etsy on her side (probably because they
are a US company and this is a US patent) so I understand from their point of view.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been very upset... Upset at the sheer mean-ness 
and unnecessary behaviour and tactics. The Mr and some friends were all for 
fighting the bully but I just didn't want to have anything more to do with her. I find 
Etsy really easy and I'm comfortable with it. So if I can't be 3 Sheets there then 
guess I have to change everything... 

I started thinking it was time for a fresh new start. If you're handed lemons, make 
lemonade right? So, I changed the shop name to Paravent (french for folding screen) 
which I really like because it's kind of a quirky play on words with screen printing 
and I love the imagery of the folding panels etc. But then I realised I have to 
re-brand everything otherwise it's messy, so I set up a new Paravent blog and
facebook page... and that's as far as I've got... I could have done more but I've 
just stopped.

It's suddenly hit me this means giving up 3 Sheets totally... and I'm having a crisis 
of confidence over my 'fresh new start' idea. Do I really want to throw away the baby 
with the bathwater..? I mean, the only place I can't use 3 Sheets is in the States, but 
do I really want to have two identities / blogs / facebook pages and all the confusion 
that will inevitably come with it? Also, it's true that there are so many 3 Sheets (so 
common, my dear!)... 

Floating over all of this is embarrassment... I mean, such a small-fish swimming in 
a very large pool... who's going to know or care one way or the other! ;) Maybe I'm
just looking for reassurance. (So needy! So pathetic!) I just need to move on, don't I?
None of this is important I guess. 

Maybe this is just good to let you know what has been going on....

Stay tuned for the Paravent launch :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I want to live here...

I need some cheering up and these images are just the ticket. 
I love these houses and their gorgeous bits of fun :) The pink house 
below was snapped by photographer Marianne KjĂžlner in Denmark.

I love a bit of wonk too... aren't these trees amazing? This picture was
taken by Kurt Manley. It reminds me of the Cat in the Hat movie :)

Re: feeling blue... I'm not allowed to talk about what's happening on 
"public forums" but perhaps I can hint that nasty things are happening 
with my shop.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giveaway Winner :)

We've had a birthday in the house. The Little One turned 12 yesterday and had a 
sleepover party last night to celebrate... of course there was very little sleeping ;) 

Anyway, birthday girls still get to do the choosing... and she chose the gravity-
bound-randomness of the throw-everything-in-the-air method...

... I think this bit of paper chose itself actually by being the only one to fall 
into her hands after the throw...

CONGRATULATIONS JO from Luna Landing!! Very happy that these cushions 
will be finding a home with you :)

Thanks everyone for participating and thanks for all your lovely blogiversary wishes :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello Orange!

I started noticing something was going on with these... Hard to miss really ;)

... and then I saw that quite a few bits of orange were popping up around here...

Creative endeavours have been leaning towards the orange too...

There was no plan but somehow my world has slowly been turning orange :)

I've been working on a new artwork too (with a bit of orange!). The colours haven't
scanned well I'm afraid - it's actually more vibrant than this. Feels good to be painting 
and drawing again.

How's your week been?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

19 years... really?

How did that happen..? Why does that suddenly seem like such a surreal 
amount of time? So, yes, 19 years ago the Mr and I married in New Farm 
Park at the rose garden. 
Friends brought along a mini keyboard and sang "There's Power in the 
Union" and we had some wedding photos taken in the then-industrial area 
of Teneriffe where all the empty Wool Store Warehouses stood like abandoned 
skeletons amongst fields of debris and pampas grass! OMG, how 90s is this? :)

gif maker

It's all a chi-chi riverside development now... actually, I went running along the 
river walk there with my daughter this morning... Funny how life can turn full 
circles sometimes :) 
Okay, I'm rambling. I'll stop now. 
Happy Labor Day!!!