Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anna's Angel Dress

Anna's angel dress is pretty much finished now. A couple of people asked to see the whole thing, so here it is. I am notoriously bad at hems, so I'm a bit shy about showing this part. This is the third attempt and it's not too much of a disaster... I think ;) I would like to do a fitting on Anna and a final cut of the flutter sleeves to get that 'just right' flattering length. This is actually a basic design that I've developed and reworked on several pieces. I'm a big fan of having a fabric panel at the front of a jersey piece (so forgiving to the post-bubba tum!). If Anna lets me I'll show a photo of her wearing it! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unexpected gifts :)

I've had some lovely surprises in the post lately. Firstly, a big thank you to Cindy at Kiss the Birdie who made this fabulous cushion for me as part of the 'Pay it Forward' blog-love exercise we participated in a couple of months ago. And look at this gorgeous packaging! Thank you Cindy!

And a big thank you to Rie at Crafty Rie for my unexpected win in her giveaway. I wanted to get a photo of me wearing it but, as always, this fine art seems beyond my abilities ;) I have discovered, though, what I'd look like with two noses...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space - Frock making

My friend Anna commissioned me ages ago to make a dress for her and I've been slowly working away on that for the last couple of weeks. I've also been progressing on crocheting my hex-blanket together. Big thanks to everyone for their suggestions on how to sew in those loose threads :) and big thanks to Kirsty at Kootoyoo for hosting My Creative Space. Have a great week!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion whimsy

Something about these retro-inspired frocks from Prada Autumn 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection is just what my soul needs right now. I think it's the combination of 1950s sexy librarian and biker chic that is calling to me... that we can be more than one category and play with how we present ourselves through fashion. I've decided that I absolutely have to grow my hair and sport a supremely stylish beehive 'do' at some time in the future ;) Tomorrow I'm pulling out my red tights and red suede boots to wear to work with my own custom made frock.... I feel like scaring the locals ;) Have a great day and a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration: Susie Cowie

There are so many talented embroidery artists but I think the exquisite work of Susie Cowie has that wonderful ability to leave one both breathless and totally inspired. I'm midway in quite a few projects but now find myself itching to get back to some more embroidery work. Based in London, Cowie makes her living as a freelance embroidery designer with a portfolio that covers fashion and interiors, costume and prop pieces... (you might have spied her embroidered pillow in the movie Bright Star). I think that's why I'm so enthralled as well... that she can do what she loves and pay the bills too... it's the dream :) Find more of Cowie's wonderful pieces on her website here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space - Help!

Playing along with Kirsty's My Creative Space today. Visit Kootoyoo to see other spaces or to play along too.

Help! Can anyone please tell me what I'm meant to do with all of these loose ends at the back of my crocheted hexagon blanket? I read varying takes on 'sew them into the seams' but I just don't get it. I've tried crocheting them in as I go but that has been an abject failure too... I feel there's a simple answer here that I'm missing completely.
I've been mostly working at the shop this week, so not a lot of crafting has been happening... hanging out with this little guy below and I've been trying to make my shop-life as creative as possible, but Doc really can't help me with my crochet... Can anyone help? No probs if you can't :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspiration: Shadow dancing

It's fascinating the effects that can be achieved with photography. They inspire me in themselves. I remember reading as part of my art history studies the debate in photography's early days about whether it could be considered art... I guess it's always been a startling medium, but how could one ever doubt its status on viewing these whimsical moving images by Greek photographer Vangelis Paterakis. It's been described as 'art of the senses' and that definitely resonates with me :) See more of Paterakis' works here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space - Another Pen + Wash

My Creative Space this week is a pen + wash painting I did for my friend Sarah for her birthday. Click on the image to see in more detail.... and there are many more creative spaces to see at Kirsty's.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspiration: Elizabeth Bauman

I came across the work of Elizabeth Bauman a while ago now and instantly fell in love with her vintage-photograph inspired portraits. She mostly works in acrylics but I've just happened upon her wonderful blog (how did I miss that before?) and found that she also has works in oils and even embroidery. Every time I look at her work it's an instantaneous plunge into some kind of nostalgia of the Edward Hopper kind and I just love it :) Her pieces remind me of the fabulous homes that this lovely lady features.

You can see more of Bauman's work on her Flickr Photostream and her Website.... and you can even buy pieces from her Etsy Store.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little things

One of my little ones (actually my big girl of 13) has started documenting her craft on a blog called Doobas. I'm very proud of the little things that she's been making :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Winners are grinners :)

It's our 17th wedding anniversary today :) This photo was taken just after we'd become engaged.

Now, what about the giveaway winners....? Randomly chosen, and proudly modelled, by the Little One...

Embroidered brooch - Evie @ Handmade Romance

Pen + Wash painting - Penny @ Sosewpoppy

Felt Brooch - Kate @ Fox Lane

Congratulations to the winners!! I'll be in touch soon. Have a great long weekend! :) Kx