Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Stash: Homemaker tableware

I don't think Sunday Stash is operating as a meme anymore but I thought I'd do my own today today anyway. This is a very special stash to me. Found at a second-hand store here in Brisbane, six original 'Homemaker' plates from Ridgeway Potteries Ltd (Staffordshire). I love them.

They were designed in 1957 by Enid Seeney as an affordable range of tableware especially for the Woolworths stores. All the plates are stamped on the back with the year they were produced and mine range from 1962 till 1968. The range was produced until 1970.

Designer Enid Seeney studied at the Burslem School of Art and did her apprenticeship at the Spode Copeland works, where she learned to paint and gild ceramics. The random domestic items and furniture she placed in this design are apparently other design classics from that time, including a Robin Day armchair, a Sigvard Bernadotte sofa and a Bernard Russell sideboard.

I did a bit of web-wandering to see if they were still available and it seems they've become collectors' items now (with prices to match, of course!) If my Valentine is reading, I'd love some matching cup and saucers and a teapot! ;) Aren't they just exquisite? Love my plates :) Do you have a favourite ceramic find?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Each day I love having time to myself

thinking time.. sitting time

time to look around

or daydream

it's not always a happy time but I treasure this space in my life

Friday, January 29, 2010

Handmade Post...

... it's the best kind really, isn't it? These fab little faces are air-dried clay brooches from the very talented Evie at Handmade Romance. Find her shop here and her blog is a big favourite.

Isn't she fabulous? I've got my eye on these bearded boys too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Creative Space - Angel Stitching

Yah! My Creative Space is back for 2010! To see more spacers or to join in yourself, visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo.

Many months ago,the lovely Anna put out a call on her blog for people to decorate her beautiful Shiny Happy Angels screenprints as examples on her shop of how they can be put to use. Here they are...

At the time, I was totally engrossed in embroidery and thought these angels would look pretty cool all flossed up... So, I put my hand up. And I'm sorry to say Anna's been waiting all these months for me to get to it. But a new year always begins with honouring promises from the last year, doesn't it? So, yes... my creative endeavours at the moment are finishing my embroidered angel. Sorry to keep you waiting Anna!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Button love

When we were in London over the Christmas break, our lovely friend Bec gave me a very special gift. It literally took my breath away. I kept looking at it, convinced that I'd never seen anything so exquisite. Above is this special piece... a bracelet made from about 50 covered buttons, meticulously fashioned together with black wire. It is indeed a most wonderful thing :) Bec also gave my daughters a fabulous knitting kit each to make themselves a 'slouch hat' (photos below). Bec bought all of these wondrous things from a friend of hers in London and her name is Fiona Bailey. Have you come across her work before? She has a fab blog and I believe she's recently opened her own Etsy store.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day of School + 1 Happy Mumma

So the year has REALLY begun now... Does the first day of school feel like that for everyone? Normal programming has resumed and even better than that, they are both at the same school again... so, one school means one set of school functions and one lot of helping out! I know, it's very selfish but I'm so gleefully happy about this :) We all walked up that hill this morning but soon they'll be walking on their own... my babies are growing up. The Big Girl is starting high school and the Little One is starting at middle school, so new beginnings all round this year. It's also the reason why they are back today - most schools here go back on Wednesday after the Australia Day holiday tomorrow. Anyway... happy school starts to everyone. Now the crafting begins :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Street Art

There's something fascinating and enchanting about turning into a street and coming upon a fully-formed artwork. It's one of the reasons I love public art commissions. Street art, though, is another level again because it is totally unexpected - a chance meeting with art which has nonetheless been placed there for your appreciation and interaction. I saw some incredible street art in Barcelona, like the photo above - gorgeous lyrical pieces that present themselves like faded fragments of another world. I wish I'd taken more photos. Some gave the impression of old-world circus posters where time and chance had ripped away sections to leave a faintly surreal portions of a broken narrative.

I'm glad I'm not alone in my fascination with these arts pieces as I've found at least one other who appreciates this particular brand of art. The lovely Hollie recently featured one of her favourite street artists on her blog Dr Kennedy Jones. Pictures below, these are the work of Leo & Pipo - a duo who work their magic in France. If your French is up to it, there's more information about them here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heavenly details

At the Barcelona Port there's a wide expanse of concrete tiling where vibrantly green patches of moss hide in holes and tufts of grass peek out of cracks at irregular intervals... such a simple unplanned detail and so breathtakingly beautiful.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello there :)

Happy New Year! It feels very strange to be back... even stranger to be in a sun dress and sweltering in Brisbane's summer heat considering where we've been the last few weeks... So, where have we been? Well, I feel kind of embarrassed to admit it... I know I was quite coy about it before we left because, well, how do you talk about good fortune without it sounding like you're boasting? We had an incredible opportunity come our way to have a white Christmas this year, so we took it... and it was just so wonderfully amazing. London, Barcelona and Andorra is the role call. Here are some shots of our time in London...

The puppies had their first experience with snow which was the loveliest gift to see.

Puppy no.2 playing amongst these gorgeous trees outside the Tate Modern (below).

With our friend Bec and little Bree at the V&A.

Favourite treat - natas at the Portuguese Cafe on Golbourne Road.

Christmas decorations at the Oxo Tower, near where we were staying.

Millenium Bridge.

Christmas trees at the markets.

Ice skating at the Natural History Museum.

Walking along the river one day there was a giant snow dome being constructed.

We spent the actual Christmas and New Year period in Barcelona where, ironically, it didn't snow ;) It was amazingly blue-skied and warmer. We walked everywhere from the Sagrada Famillia to the Olympic Village and many other places in between. Our flat was on the top floor of an apartment block which looked out over the Sagrada Famillia *sigh* Love this city so much.

We also went to Andorra and all tried skiing for the first time... which was totally wild! We all just LOVED it.

And finally, back in London for a bit before our return to Bris.

P.S. (M*... I did actually wear your wonderful crochet beret and it was the best! Sorry there are no photos of me in it.)