Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giveaway Winner :)

We've had a birthday in the house. The Little One turned 12 yesterday and had a 
sleepover party last night to celebrate... of course there was very little sleeping ;) 

Anyway, birthday girls still get to do the choosing... and she chose the gravity-
bound-randomness of the throw-everything-in-the-air method...

... I think this bit of paper chose itself actually by being the only one to fall 
into her hands after the throw...

CONGRATULATIONS JO from Luna Landing!! Very happy that these cushions 
will be finding a home with you :)

Thanks everyone for participating and thanks for all your lovely blogiversary wishes :)


teddybearswednesday said...

Happy birthday to The little one though not so little anymore xo

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

so not only do we (almost) share a birthday, but one of children actually do too...Noah turned 13 yesterday and fortunately feels the same about sleepovers as I do! Hope she had a wonderful time and big congrats to Jo!

Mia said...

Oh YAY me! Thank you so much Kylie - i cannot wait for these to arrive!!!!!!