Monday, June 8, 2009

The plot thickens...

just how do they work anyway?!!

If you read about my woes from yesterday when I tried to install a new comments system and ended up with no comments facility at all and losing my page settings, I have a bizarre addition to the story.... I just found it! It's fully installed and working a treat over on my other blog, Scissors + Paper Rock! It's all very strange - as you know, it's pretty clear when you're in your dashboard which blog you have selected and I'm sure I was working on 3 sheets, but... there you have it. Strange, hey?
Anyway, if you feel like indulging me, please pop over to Scissors + Paper Rock and leave a comment. If you can let me know how easy it is to use, what you think of it etc, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks :)

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