Friday, March 23, 2012

Inspiration: Eleanor Pritchard

This is she... the very talented Eleanor Pritchard... have you seen her stunning 
weavings before? While I should really be crocheting, I've found myself mesmerised
by them lately.

It's strange that I haven't come across her work before seeing as she is so celebrated 
in her native Britain and far abroad... Anyway, now that I have (finally) I do admit to
being completely smitten :)

And, of course, when I saw her studio I just wanted to live there! Isn't it amazing?

I love that her work comprises of strong geometric shapes and basic patterning. 

There's a freshness to her designs... a kind of 'less is more' aesthetic carried 
by bold colour combinations that highlight the design rather than smother it.

And she loves making cushions too, so she must be alright ;)

You can read more about Eleanor Pritchard and see more of her work on her 
website and her blog.


Rie said...

Oh, I love her work, it's fantastic! ... and it kinda reminds me of your work too!

Alisa said...

I'm not surprised you're smitten Kylie, what gorgeous work. Her aesthetic and yours are really 'peas in a pod'. I love that silver and orange blanket, brilliant.

Pippa said...

Great post and it's winter soon, love the designs!

severien said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!! said...

Love her work. thanks Kyile!

Christina Lowry said...

You always find the most amazing artists and inspiration Kylie. Love that studio indeed. Wonder if she needs an apprentice... :)

Mia said...

Yep! Kind of outstanding....

misako mimoko said...

what a great inspiration Kylie! love her works.
thanks for sharing :)
have a nice end of the week!