Monday, August 23, 2010

Great minds...

I've just been wandering around blogland for the first time in a while and have just had a bit of a shock... Am I seeing things or is this "Triangle Flowers" design at Bookhou from 16th August incredibly similar to my 'posts and triangles' atomic design posted on 27th July?

I'm not suggesting that Arounna has copied my design. I've loved and admired her work for a while now. It's just kind of freaky that we've both come up with something so similar and yet expressed so differently. Is it that old issue about drawing inspiration from the same design pool? Do you see the likeness or am I just seeing things?

To make matters even more freaky... I've been thinking about printing up a stripe design identical to this one (below). It is Arounna's work too and I've just seen it for the first time just a moment ago! It's such a strange feeling. Of course I can't do it now but I really wanted to make this design so I'm feeling a bit frustrated about that too ;)

I'm not making accusations here... I just can't quite get over the freaky serendipity. Do visit Bookhou - it is such a magnificent blog and Arounna's work is so beautiful.

What's the saying...? Great minds think alike and fools never differ ;)


june at noon said...

Oh, yes, definite similarity. It's always surprising--unsettling, even--when you discover that an idea that feels so unique to you ... isn't. And a little disappointing when you have to abandon the idea for ethical reasons. Sort of neat, though, too, to find a "kindred spirit" in the creative sense. ;)

flowerpress said...

I know this feeling. Yuck.
If its any consolation your design is quite different in my eyes, but yes I know how stomach droppping it is.
I've considered documenting my process more online but not sure if that solves it, I see it hasn't for you :-(

inaluxe said...

Hey Kylie, the problem with shapes and design hey?! You know, these days I just bury my head in the sand here, and try not to look at anything, because without a doubt I'll be disappointed when I find I've created something that already exists, or was made after mine. I have to agree with flowerpress, I think your designs are quite different. Triangle shapes are so infinite, and yet, they still all have three sides! he he he. Love your work by the way! and these are also way cool too! xoxo K

ckillin said...

inaluxe has a point. with all the best intentions in the world it's just not possible to be totally original these days. Also, you seem more visually well-informed than most so you are more likely to come across similar visual references.

Here's an example I've been amused by recently. Julie Patterson from Cloth is a very well-known Australian fabric/ homewares designer. One of her most popular fabric designs that she did some years ago is this:
On the other side of world is the well-known American illustrator Ashley Goldman who contributed this "original" artwork to a recent exhibition:
Hello? Both are well-respected professionals and I don't for a minute think that one copied the other. They've both just co-incidentally produced pretty well identical designs in different mediums. It happens.

I also think geometrics and simple shapes are a little more vulnerable to being used in very similar ways. It's all about finding your point of difference if you do happen to be creating similar things to other work that you've seen. More challenging for you if you care enough about it in the first place [which you seem to] but ultimately more rewarding for you when you discover the uniqueness in your own work.

Don't be disheartened. Who said this designing caper was a piece of cake? Aunty Cookie maybe [jan 27, 2010 blog post], but then look at the trouble she got into for using a well-known symbol.

belinda marshall said...

wow ~ i can definitely see the similarity to your work. a main difference is that your patterns seem to be more complicated ~ there's more going on in one repeat!
i do know this feeling, it happens to me a bit too. it's unnerving and it also makes me feel pressured to hurry up and work more {impossible}. but i guess there's always faith that keeping on working always brings up more personally original work ie the ideas won't run out!
i really love your fern design! i've pictured it as a dress already :)

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

hey, Kylie, it is freaky isn't it? As you say we are all inspired by the same design pool, so it's no wonder we may come up with something similar. I've been doing some designs with screen-printing in mind and am a little afraid to post them in case they are too freakily like any that have inspired me subconsciously. Don't stop doing what youa re doing...your work is fantastic K x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh what can you do?? It's like doing a market stall & finding a former customer doing the same work as you, same fabrics, same display at the same market, you just think, no it's not mimic=flattery, it's freaking copy cat, unoriginal & down right blah!!
When it's a 3rd time - in your situation - it's not coincidence!! Oh good luck, hang in there & all the best, it can only push you to better & even more original designs!! Love Posie

jb said...

no offense but some of these comments are a bit insulting.

the use of common elements does not imply copying and just because we all seem to have a blog doesn't mean we should be implying such a thing.

if you're worried about originality then you're worrying about the wrong thing. you're all part of the same traditions with access to the same design history as some of your previous commentary has mentioned. sometimes artists invent a new form or process, but it doesn't happen everyday and in fact its quite rare. your own sensibilities will make what ever variations you do your own. so if you want to print lines, then print lines

although in the end i'm not sure what the fuss really is in this case: other than some triangular elements the two prints don't really seem that similar, in fact there are probably more differences between them than similarities.

Karen said...

I have examined both examples but I don't think that the two patterns are very similar in nature.

Kylie said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. I've enjoyed reading how you see this issue.

I appreciate that everyone brings to their comments elements of their own experiences and I totally respect that. However, I do want to reiterate that I do NOT think that any copying has gone on.

My musings are more about that collective inspiration pool that we draw from and how Arounna and I have both come up with very different designs that both have lines and triangles as the primary basis. It's more the sense of wonder re how this happens (and I do believe it does happen all the time).

I do agree, Carmel, that when one is dealing with geometrics it's very easy to come up with a similar look. Your comments are always fabulous. I'm not disheartened :)

"j" - thank you for your comments too. There is no insult intended by anyone I believe, and least of all by me. As I said, people write from their own experience. My post was about the serendipity of 'post and triangle' designs appearing on opposite sides of the world at the same time and I acknowledged that they are very different designs.

Thanks for your thoughts on this everyone. Kx

Tania said...

If you're pushing, I can see the similarities as well as the differences. But I know that thud in the bottom of the stomach feeling well too. If it's any consolation I have also just shelved my stripey notions! x

Nattie said...

hang in there Kylie! design and art is a tricky things, I too often found my ideas already done by someone else, so very hard to break into the market , when everytime you comes out with something, someone else already came out with it. but keep moving forward kylie, you never know where it takes you!

Ingrid Mida said...

I know this feeling all too well. It has happened to me more than once and it is always a bit discouraging. But you are an original Kylie and your vision and voice will shine through!

Thea said...

I have to say that I agree with J. Looking at the 2 designs, I would never have thought they were that similar. And as for stripes... they're everywhere. We are printing up (our 2nd) Striped fabric very soon. One of my textile design assignments, when I was studying, was to produce designs based on stripes and dots. Everybody's interpretation was different and the possibilities are endless. The end result also depends on colourways and fabrics used.

alessandra said...

You worry too much Kylie, just enjoy the creative process.

Kelly said...

When dealing with simple shapes and layouts, the differences become slight. If a designer was to search through vintage designs, especially geos, they would inevitably find something similar to "their" design. That being said I think this is a case of two artists interpreting triangles. they are as different as they can get when using that shape.

This link is to a more blatant/intentional copycatting of someones design and what was done about it. This type of copy is lawsuit territory in regards to intellectual property.