Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspiration: Repeat Patterns

It's arrived! There was a special delivery this morning and I've been pouring over this most excellent book ever since... Repeat Patterns - a Manual for Designers, Artists and Architects. If you are at all interested in pattern-making in design, I thoroughly recommend it.

One of the things I've discovered while bumbling my way through screen print designs etc, is that I am visual in my design process; I need to see it before me in order to play with the design or judge whether it works or not. This had led to some pretty disastrous experiments as well as some happy accidents.

Repeat Patterns approaches the design process in a very visual way. It actually begins with a school-like tutorial in creating design units that can be positioned for the construction of a repeat pattern. I'm quite smitten :)

I should mention if you do try to find a copy, I had problems trying to buy it through these people and ended up taking Belinda's advice and getting it via the Book Depository. (Thanks Belinda - it was an excellent suggestion!) Many thanks again to KT Doyle for originally posting about the book :)


Christina Lowry said...

Looks like the perfect book for you Kylie! I can see more printing happening in the future! Do you like MC Escher? He had a mathematical grasp on these concepts. We were blown away when we saw the Escher gallery in the Netherlands.[2008-04-18]_MC_Escher_lizard_vector_art.shtml


KT Doyle said...

Fantastic Kylie... No stopping you now!

belinda marshall said...

oooh, it looks really great. the one i bought seems pretty light on . . . i did try to get this one and it's sold out! tricky to get hold of.
have fun with your new knowledge :)