Friday, April 13, 2012

Yes please!

There's a workshop on offer by The People's Print at the V&A's approaching British 
Design Season... The Great British Floral digital workshop.
They are going to show those lucky attendees a combination of hand craft and digital
techniques to create a floral pattern and print it on fabric.

I'm trying to keep very neutral here but I'm positively burning with envy... 
I want to go! Unfortunately, I'm on the other side of the globe :(

If you happen to live nearby, you can register for the workshop by visiting 
this site... and if you go, can you take loads of pictures and show all the fab 
things you did.. please? 

I'd love to see :)

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Laura said...

Pesky geography getting in the way! That workshop looks fab!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

what a cool and totally inspiring workshop! leave it to you for the tip off - i can see why you'd be dying to attend. that's right up your alley! ♥

lamina@do a bit said...

Oh bummer... I'm on the wrong side of the globe too :( Looks like it would be so excellent hey! :)

ElisabethAndrée said...

Hi Kylie!
I can imagine that you would love to participate in that workshop. Such a pity. Maybe if you ask them sweetly, they make a report with a tutorial...

Melanie Bowles said...

Don't worry Kylie, we well be producing an e-book from the workshop, full of floral tutorials, so everyone can join in! from The People's Print