Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter break

We've been on the road... away on a fabulous Easter break with some friends. 

Have you been to or heard of Girraween National Park? What an amazing place. 
It's a bit more than 3 hours drive from Brisbane, travelling south-west to Warwick 
and then South to the border of Queensland and New South Wales...

We had a ball, beginning with walks around Girraween National Park itself and
it's incredible landscape of bush and granite boulders...

I am usually such a city person... this is just to prove I was actually there ;)

We went on drives around the area to other walks, including Bald Rock
National Park in New South Wales.

The climb almost killed me but once at the top it was magnificent :)
This is at the top of the rock. It drops off at a (just) walkable slope, but from the
right angle it looks like a sheer drop.

The kids pretended to be falling off the 'edge'.

Fabulous friends made it even more of a fantastic time.

It was so clear and sunny all weekend and I took every opportunity to crochet
whenever we weren't exploring the environment.

What did you get up to? Hope you had a great Easter break too :)


Tania said...

He he. I'm sure all the friends I have been camping with in recent memory, associate my presence with portable craft. Lovin' the look of your Easter!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like an absolutely fabulous day. I love nothing more than being in the great outdoors. And crochet to pass the time is fun too. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

annamaria potamiti said...

Looks great! Love those rocks:)

Kate Kelleher said...

Sounds so much fun, your kids are at an age where they get so much from fellow companions and so can relax on fun holidays. The whole trip sounds divine. What a place, it looks amazing! Love the rocks, looks like our baby tortoises!

june at noon said...

Wow, such a beautiful place! Great photos, too. :)

Christina Lowry said...

Australia never fails to amaze me with it's amazing landscape. What wonderful rocks! Looks like a great place to explore. Gotta love car craft too. :)

at swim-two-birds said...

my easter was not that spectacular, only collected some eggs :)
And oh! I love those rocks

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

stunning views and vistas!!!! love the photo of the kiddos and the one of you busily getting your crafting on! plus, i absolutely adore your cutest polka dot hat. i'm usually more of a city person too but getting to leave the concrete nation for a day trip like this would be a big ol' YESSUH! especially with great friends along too. ♥

alessandra said...

Amazing place and I love how your trip ended! I do the same :D

Alisa said...

Oh, it's an amazing place! - my Dad took me there, he lives in Tenterfield. A place that felt full of old Australian magic to me. What a lovely escape!