Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creative Spaces: Crazy brooches

I'm joining in Our Creatives Spaces this week. Visit here to sign up or see other spaces.

I've been super busy since finishing my crochet order. There's so much to 
catch up on, but it's been heavenly to take time to dabble with things as I 
feel like it... I've been dabbling with some old Indian embroidered fabric and 
making it into brooches.

It's brought out the Bollywood-Baroque in me I think... or some kind of brazen 
beading-mad hussy ;)

This one (below) is a reject. I really did go just a teensy bit crazy with the beading 
here. I hadn't realised before that good beading is actually an exercise in restraint
I think it was finding a scrap of orange leather... sent me a bit wild! :))
I'll be unpicking and cutting and re-doing soon.

Beading-hussy approved brooches will go into my shop soon.
Hope you've had a wonderfully creative week :)

UPDATE: Okay, so reject brooch now looks like this....

and there's a new cream one that looks like this...

AND YAH! I finally have some new listings in my shop! :)


mel @ loved handmade said...

they are stunning!! Such gorgeous detail..x

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Kylie , I love them! I love their crazy baroque feel.xo

Tammy said...

Wow! These are just lovely. So unique! Good job :)

Tania said...

I love it when you come over all 'hussy'. Just sayin'.

Mia said...

Yeah, restraints a hard one to learn when you love everything in your craft cupboard and want to give it the look in it deserves - just not all on the one piece hey? I love these Kylie and am totally jealous of this little session of yours!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

They are all gorgeous!

Knitrageous said...

Love them all! They are beautiful and fun all at the same time!

june at noon said...

Beading hussy, ha ha! I can think of two people right off the top of my head who would adore your lack of restraint! :)