Thursday, January 19, 2012


Something that might interest you... 

I've just come across this grant for Australian citizens wanting to expand + 
improve their business in textiles, clothing or footwear. All the info about this 
government grant can be found here

They're awarding grants of up to $50,000. 
Closing date for applications is 24th February 2012. 

Just thought it might be of interest :)

*photos from grant application site.


inaluxe said...

that would be pretty amazing wouldn't it?! Not that I'd be likely to get myself organised. ha! K

lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow... how cool is that! I doubt I could get myself organised either :s
Thanks for sharing the info... it's great to know about it anyway :)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Thansk Kylie, I am going to ahve a look now!

Unknown said...

thanks kylie, i am going to check it out. oops i am not a citizen, i might miss out. hope you are well lovely, i see you are super busy, fabulous! let's have a coffee soon. xxx