Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday share

Hello again... Hope you've had fabulous celebrations? Did you have fun with 
your families?

It's the first year in many moons that I haven't had to host either family at ours. 
My lovely sister hosted for my side of the families and we had a fine ol' time, 
particularly when a packet of moustaches was brought out :)

My little one made fruit mince pies and they were amazing! If you'd like to try 
the recipe I've clipped it below... It's from this book.

The little one has since fractured her arm whilst rollerblading... our first visit to 
emergency at the hospital. She, of course, is rather proudly sporting her cast now.

Hope you've had a fun-filled time too... without any fractures, of course :)


june at noon said...

Oh, my, sounds like an ... eventful holiday. :) Glad it was good, despite the emergency!

Kaylovesvintage said...

the mince pies look good
wishing you a great 2012

linda zucco said...

It's lovely NOT to host xmas occasionally, Kylie...we didn't either this year, hooray!
Sorry to hear about your little one...hope it hasn't put her off skating though,(we are/or have been skaters, motivating by our daughter's interest.) and I'm presently working on a bit of a skating theme in my painting.
Those mince pies look like heaven...I think I can smell them from here.
BTW, love the painting behind the shot of your pretty girls!
ciao and happy new year.

Christina Lowry said...

Oh no! Hospital visits are the last thing you want. Though I remember the strange excitement of having a cast when I fractured my arm as a child. It soon wore off though, once my arm got itchy!

Hope there's more cheer, good food and family this new year, and no more hospital visits! :)

flowerpress said...

I think there are a lot of Xmas injuries out there, with new wheeled toys. Hope she's better soon. Love the look of those mince pies. Bookmarking!

Mia said...

Hope that cutie of yours is doing alright. I winced the whole time watching my little boy on his new scooter.. but you've gotta have faith right??? Enjoy the hols!

annamaria potamiti said...

Speedy recovery for your daughter Kylie- Happy you are having lots of fun and yummy mice pies(that you didn't have to bake..-isn't it nice when they grow up and do such things?hehe)
Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful, rewarding,and creative 2012.xxoo

mieke willems said...

love mince pie!!! mmm!