Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cloud watching

I'm back from the mountains. It was deliciously cool – a haven from the 
descending summer heat of the city. 

I must have had half a brain when packing... I forgot to take the right sized 
crochet hook and other bits and pieces that should have kept me busy. 

Instead, I just cloud watched :) 

Hope you've had a relaxing week too.


Sally said...

How lovely to just sit back and watch the clouds.

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

I love cloud watching!

teddybearswednesday said...

sounds like utter heaven.
Love to cloud watch. Do you ever try to spot ones that are shaped like animals or people?
Do you know that great book " a pig with six legs and other clouds" it's wonderful and opened my cloud watching right up xo

Kate Kelleher said...

sounds divine, I could do with a little of that!

Mia said...

Those photos just put a much needed breath of relaxed air into my lungs. Wish i was there -what a great idea to escape the hectic momentum that is December as it hurtles towards the end of the year! inspired!

D said...

Beautiful photos! I love shooting clouds and watching them as they take different forms. Happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

annamaria potamiti said...

Sounds and looks perfect Kylie- I am glad you had fun!X

blue moss said...

So beautiful! Glad you had fun!

helicopter6 said...

There is nothing I would rather do right now than head to the coolness of the mountains and cloud watch. Summer has hit today in Melbourne (but back down to low 20's from Sunday) - good ol southern Aus ;-)