Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Other Side

I've just discovered that a most amazing installation occurred in Paris just after 
we'd left. The Place Vendome played host to a ring of 4-metre high mirrored 
cubes bouncing light and reflecting scenes. The installation was created by 
Arnaud Lapierre for FIAC 2011.

Don't you think it has that funny surreal feeling to it that you get when travelling?
Maybe there's a bit of jet-lag in the mix but also that heady feeling of seeing new 
things and they all fracture and jumble in your mind as you try to take it all in and 
make sense of your new surroundings?

I love it :) Wish I could have seen it. Better than drugs I'd say ;)

Apparently, it's currently to be found at the Paul Ricard circuit in Castellet and
from there it'll be 'doing the rounds' to several art fairs around Europe. Hope you 
get to see it if you live over there... I'd love it if you could share some pics :)



Tania said...


Weren't you looking for an entirely valid excuse for a trip back to Paris?

Unknown said...

i think she is tania... it looks incredible- think i need to go!!! x

Jennie said...

That is amazing!
So clever how they've reflected pieces of the sky and surrounds!

walking dot photography said...

OOOo, SO COOL! Wish I could see it!
ps. I wonder if they have warning signs around it? Because I could see it being a weeee bit dangerous, LOL.

lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow... how amazing is that.. mind blowing! I can't stop looking at it :)

laccentnou said...

Really cool!
I love installations!