Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration: Sera Waters

I'm finding a lot of inspirational embroidery lately and have found myself sneaking 
off to indulge in some stitchery when I should be doing other things. 

Adelaide-based Sera Waters is my latest inspiration for her meticulous use of 
embroidery and blackwork, but also the quirky 'edge' to her subject matter too.

The 6 pieces below from Waters' "Butchering Series" are amazing examples
of blackwork, where a honeycomb-like patterning of stitches is used to create the 
impression of shading and depth.

Butchering: Rib Eye Roast, 2009

Butchering: Tender Loins, 2009

Butchering: Loin, 2009

Butchering: Boneless Pot Roast, 2009

Butchering: Hack, 2009

Butchering: Knives, 2009

This is only the exhibited work from 2009. Waters has an amazing body of 
work which you can see on her website... so many thoughtful and intriguing pieces.

She currently lectures in art history and theory at Adelaide Central School of Art 
and at Adelaide University. I feel very envious of those lucky students, don't you? :)


Karen Lewis Textiles said...

what incredible inspiring work, Kylie...thanks for introducing Sera to us x

Mia said...

Wow - incredible. Wish I could do that!

Ingrid Mida said...

How extraordinary! I really like the pieces on the black fabric. They just seem to pop!

Flaming Nora said...

really amazing and inspiring. Want to go to Adelaide school of art now!