Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fruity Trivets

When I was at Purl Soho in New York I put my name down on their mailing list and since then have been receiving their fabulous newsletter. They feature so many gorgeous yarns and books and patterns, but they also have an amazing 'how-to' each issue. 

So I thought I'd share the link (you can sign up for the emails on their site) and show one of their features which I love... the fruity trivets :)

Aren't they fun? 

They have step-by-step instructions on their blog for the knitted version here 
and the crochet version here

So cool :)

And being a super-duper shop and all, you can even order the kit as well.

Their blog The Purl Bee has all of the features and tutorials too if you'd like to wander through them. Such a fantastic resource. Hope you like it :)


Tania said...

Couldn't for the life of me think what a 'trivet' would be when I clicked my blog list. I was envisaging a fruit laden privetty thing. Suddenly I am convinced my immediate world needs a trivet...

Kim said...

Still loving your blog Kylie

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Hello there, Kylie! A major catch up is in order here! Can't wait to see all the missed posts from the past weeks euh perhaps months! LOL (I'm bad that way)
Thanks heaps for sharing that link - will sign up for the newsletter - there can never be enough links/tips/tricks for crochet! XO Mitsy

Ingrid Mida said...

They are soooo cute!!! I'd want to cook something just to use them.