Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gingham Dress (part 2)

I've made another gingham dress... this time trying not to be too clever. The problem, for me, is that the fun of sewing is in the experimenting... so I couldn't resist having a go at working a decent gathered fall of fabric from a curved bodice ;) I had to sew and unpick three times, and even then it didn't quite work out, but I'm happy with my sundress. 

I'm already planning my next sewing project... something in the air obviously. I just can't tear myself away from that machine at the moment :) Are you going sewing-mad lately? What's claiming your time?


littlechrissy said...

I love this dress and think the gathering looks perfect. I'm in a bit of a craft-happy mood too, and have made a couple of dresses from Pip's Sew La tea Do.

Jennie said...

Looks gorgeous Kylie!

I'm finishing 7 orders before we move in 2 weeks!
Wish I could do something I felt like doing too!xx

Mia said...

Actually I am loving my machine at the moment! I'm supposed to be sketching for the sketch book project but instead I got caught up sewing rag dolls for the first time - such fun. By the way awesome dress - love the lining :)

Cindy said...

Very sweet. I love the yellow flower print on the inside. I'm going to make the big delight a couple of casual skirts...starting tomorrow hopefully, that will consume me for a while. I haven't broken into the dress making yet. I know why...ahh.

blue moss said...

i love it...and i'm so jealous! i've been itching to sew and just can't find time!
cute cute dress
oh...and my daughter and i had the best time yesterday...a little road trip, lots of laughs and a little fun shopping (and new boots :)thanks for asking

belinda marshall said...

it looks excellent!
a very ugly wardrobe in our room has been stealing my time {3 days now}, painting it white! can't wait til it's done.

KERRY said...

I wish I was going sewing mad! I wish I could bloomin' sew! This dress is gorgeous Kylie. I love the shape. Once again, I would definitely wear that! Hope you're well.