Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration: Liesl Hazelton

I received an email the other day from the lovely Carmel of Feed the Dog fame, telling me about a fabulous find... the winner of the Design NSW's Travelling Scholarship, Liesl Hazelton. Have you seen this incredible work yet? It is just so inspiring and innovative. All of her pieces are crafted reusing and recycling cabling and wires from e-waste sites / computer graveyards. It was while studying in Germany that Hazelton came upon the idea to fashion her first piece, the cable couch, just in time for the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year. From Germany, she moved to Amsterdam and began making jewellery, experimenting with the cables and wires to form finely moulded brooches and rings. Hazelton is back in Australia now planning her next inspirational travels to Korea with her prize winnings. She has a gallery representing her work in Antwerp. You can read about Liesl Hazelton and her work here. Also, there's a fabulous Design Federation interview with her here.

Thanks Carmel for the tip off! (If you haven't already seen Carmel's fabulous art works, you really should have a peek at her site and shop!)

The Design NSW: Travelling Scholarship is presented by the Powerhouse Museum and Arts NSW in partnership with the British Council.


ELK said...

always a special visit here...this art is so unique!

feedthedog said...

hey kylie, i knew you'd do a great blog on this.. and find even more links.
a little embarrassed that you referenced me but THANKYOU anyway, i guess i should have added that i wasn't fishing for a link because i'm not a regular blogger (where does everyone get the TIME to do it?) and i don't do it anywhere near to your level of perfection.

you're gathering quite a fan base, and absolutely deserved.

someone soon is going to have to invent a special award for you.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

How inspiring for a Monday morning! Great find, especially like the top one.

Thea said...

How refreshing and original this lovely work is. Thanks again for sharing with us.

M* (Melanie) said...

Oh wow Kylie. I love her work! You are always in the 'know' with artisans. It's great that I am able to visit your blog and discover new amazing people.

our little love nest said...

WOW!! You find the best things. Off to check out her site. xoxo

Unknown said...

gorgeous. and your shop kylie looks great, love it! congratulations- you will do well! love it! x mady

annamaria potamiti said...

How inspiring, original and fun!Great find Kylie! Got to check it out further!
Annamaria xx

at swim-two-birds said...

great find!!!! this work is really cool.