Thursday, October 6, 2011


We're back and life feels a bit surreal at the moment. It was soooo hot in 
Europe and we've returned to unseasonally cold and rainy weather here 
in Brisbane... what's happening with the world!? ;)

I'll post on some of the things I saw over the next couple of days, but just 
for now some funny photos. It was so much fun travelling with the girls. 

There's no such thing as a stand-in-front photo pose with these two. They 
were dancing and singing their way around the streets and catching us up 
in their enthusiasm.

Isn't it funny how when they're younger kids can make you feel so old but 
then later they can make you feel so young again? :)

Hope you've had a fabulous fortnight too.


Christina Lowry said...

Love it! Funky and fun holiday snaps that you will all cherish. Hope settling back into reality hasn't been too challenging. :)

Unknown said...

wonderful kylie- makes me want to go again!... and so true they can make you feel so old at times, i feel exhausted. looks like you've had lots of fun with your beautiful girls. x

annamaria potamiti said...

Looks like it was great fun Kylie! Your girls are gorgeous and full of life-this holiday must have made some fabulous memories...!:)

june at noon said...

They look like wondefully fun people to spend time with! :)

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Looks like you had great fun, Kylie! Don't think the girls will want to stay home next time!

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

You were lucky to come when you's turned to winter now! Looks like you had such fun, Kylie...can't wait to hear more! x

teddybearswednesday said...

love these photos and this post. Looks like you had the most wonderful time, and the happiness in these pics is so infectious! xo

Kate Kelleher said...

Shame I missed your last post, so didn't realise you were in London again, could have suggested a few places to see and a cheeky glass of wine with yours truly! Looks like you had a blast tho. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures. xx

Francesca said...

so so cute! x

belinda marshall said...

fun!! gorgeous family photos :)
looking forward to the young feeling ;) i guess taking the littlest on a water slide is coming close!!