Sunday, October 9, 2011

London (again)

I realised when I sat down to do this post that I'm not quite done with London yet. 
(Truth be told, I never will be!) It's that kind of place for me... when you think about 
where you feel most at home; where you've been happiest etc... 
Well, it's always London for me. So, apologies for going on, but here are some more... 
a new find and an old favourite.

Firstly, the new find... the Wellcome Institute on Euston Road... have you ever 
been here? It's an amazing place. I love their subtitle "a free destination for the 
incurably curious" :) When I was studying at Birkbeck I used to walk past it all the 
time without any idea of the treasures inside. It's a fascinating homage to science 
with fabulous exhibitions of the artefact kind and collaborations with artists.

Here's my gorgeous science nerds fascinated with a print out of the human genome... 
go figure, hmm? ;) Still, it wasn't just them... we actually went back there twice, there 
was so much to see.

So, what's the old favourite? This was the view I awoke to each morning... 

... the wonderful fabulous Tate Modern. I nipped in for a look around at odd times of 
the day and night in between our other commitments... it was heaven :) 

We had the added excitement of it being London Fashion Week when we were there. 
It did add to the fun of everything... fabulous young things in their eccentric outfits running 
around and about. We loved it :)

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Where's your 'special place'?


Tania said...


(I've been busy catching up).

It's London for me too.

And the Tate Modern as well.

Only now realising how 'homesick' I am...

Francesca said...

sydney, without a doubt. and secondly santiago. i left my heart in chile. where did you stay? what a view! x

mieke willems said...

london is so nice!
the tate is always great! and their bookshop! pity you haven't seen the museum of everything, or have you?

Cindy said...

Hi K,
Where I teach, we have a 'My Special Place' wall. Students write their special place on a card and stick it to the wall. It's funny how most kids write, 'at home' or 'in my bedroom', I'm sure as they mature and travel more this will change! One of my special places is the Cotswolds in the UK. A magical place I would love to visit again.

Flaming Nora said...

Yup, London for me too. And hey lucky me its literally on my door step. It is my doorstep!