Monday, June 6, 2011

Journeys - Chicago + NYC

Every time I travel overseas I learn something new. I wasn't really anticipating the same tourist experience this time - I was just going over to hang out with my friend... cups of coffee, lots of chats etc. However, I think I learned more this time than I ever have before. I got to meet so many people and really see how many of them live and think... and I was totally blown away.

Chicago architecture + at the Cubs baseball game

I was so impressed by every single person I met. The best label I can think of to encompass each and every one is that they have a generosity of spirit. Why are we so anti-American in Australia? Is it because of the foreign policy headlines? I'm astounded now to recall all the biases I held against them. Even though I knew lots of great individuals, I still held this generalisation about the whole that... well, that I'm really embarrassed about now.

Spotted Inaluxe bags and purses in so many shops!
So proud to see Kristina + Jason's fabulous work everywhere :)

I had a great chat to the man who came to collect the garbage at my friend's home. Not only was he so interested in where I came from, he was just so proud of where he came from and of the job he was doing. This was typical of so many people I met - at peace with themselves and proud to be able to be a cog in the machine that keeps their country running. It was so humbling.

I didn't really take many photos - I was just enjoying the experience of not being a tourist and just 'living' it. We did sneak away to NYC for a weekend, though. It was Memorial Day weekend so there were a million flags everywhere. I saw the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition... it was amazing. At the risk of sounding totally soppy here, some of the frocks actually made me cry they were so exquisite. (Bought the t-shirt!)

 The best store 'find' though was Purl Soho .... bursting at the seams with the most incredible yarn, floss, fabric, books and everything you can imagine related to wool craft. It was heavenly. So good in fact that I had to box and send my purchases home by post because I knew they wouldn't fit in my luggage (and then not eat that night, of course!) When they arrive I'll have a show and tell :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments while I was away. 
It was a lovely trip and quite a journey for me in dealing with my prejudices.
I hope this post hasn't upset anyone. Kx


Tania said...

I love this post with all its eye openers and eye candy and thank goodness you took a photo of my most favouritest-ever piece of architecture.

teddybearswednesday said...

I know totally what you mean about the Yanks, there is an openess and enthusiasm. ( perhaps I'm a wee bit biased as my mum is from the US)
and purl soho is amazing isn't it.
I'm sooo happy you had such a wonderful trip.
i'm also happy to have you home! xo
PS how did you survive the 13 hours ....

Flaming Nora said...

Oh wow, I went to purl soho about 4 yrs ago and was completely blown away. I too bought so much stuff I had to send it home. The girls in the store were so interested and friendly, Don't think I have come across service like that since. Want to go back now! Glad you had a fantastic trip.

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

Purl Soho, im green with envy!! I long to walk into that store!

belinda marshall said...

happy to hear that you had a fun time ~ great story too ;)
yay for K + J, so exciting!
would love to visit purl soho one day.

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Kylie. And what you say about people being at piece with themselves and delighted to be the cog in the bigger wheel of life. That is so true of Americans.

Goes without saying that I love your Purl Soho Show and Tell! What an amazing store, isn't it? Can't wait to see your purchases when they land with you.


Kate Kelleher said...

WONDERFUL Kylie. It makes me want to take a trip now! Glad you got more than you thought out of it. x

Mia said...

Fantastic photos - I want to go there!!!
Interesting thoughts on Americans too. I have never travelled but the Americans I have met and known as acquaintances and close friends have been incredibly open minded, interested in others and thoughtful about the way they live in the world - not the stereotype at all. I'm glad you found that too!

annamaria potamiti said...

Super fab post- I love it because you are so open and honest and so ready to learn and reconsider. Thank you for this Kylie. I am a devoted fan and friend.
I love the fact you sent your 'purchases' by mail- there is something extra 'vintage' and 'grand' about it!!
So happy you have had such an exciting and insightful time.xxxx

Evie said...

hello kylie, it sounds like you had the best experience. im so jealous of the A McQ exhibition you got to see. im sure i would have been weeping along side you :_ ) your pics just make me want to travel again especially to nyc. ill have to live through you for now though. purl looks exquisite!! again jealous ; ) x

Jennie said...

WOW wow wow wow wow!!!!!
So envious here right now!!
What a fabulous trip you've had. I love NY (was there for a week by myself once!). The exhibition and shop look amazing. How brilliant that its changed your thinking though - the people must have been so fantastic and open!

Catherine said...

ah, looks fabulous! we've started tentatively planning a trip next year (one of my sisters is living there with her family for a couple of years) and your post has raised my excitement levels (and will maybe help overcome my husband's reluctance). I think I REALLY need to send my sister to Purl Soho...

june at noon said...

I think even Americans have some untrue notions about Americans as a whole--I do sometimes! We're so visible, and often for our negatives, that it's easy to have preconceived ideas. But most of us are pretty ok. ;)

Ingrid Mida said...

What a wonderful trip! Sometimes it is the unexpected that brings us joy.
And I'm so glad that you got to see the McQueen exhibition because it might just be the exhibition of the year!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

Kylie, your recap is just fantastic. loved all the photos and the stories you shared. the man you spoke with really seems to speak volumes about that whole cities vibe. wonderful wonderments!!! the architectual shots in the above post are awe striking too, i can see why you've adopted it to your insp arsenal.

i believe that anytime someone shares a personal insight like this then it is to be revered and not anything else. traveling really does crack personal opinions open wide, glad to hear you experienced this. many blessings!!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

McQueen is the most creative person to me I am also planing to go and see that with my own eyes. I am glad that you've got such an exciting experience in Chicago and NYC

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Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Oh man, sounds like you had such a great journey! Can I be a tad envious of you? Would have loved to see the exhibition and I'll put PurlSoho on my list! ;)