Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspiration: Laura Foster Nicholson

Big Green Barn #2

Above is the divine tapestry work of Laura Foster Nicholson. I am so inspired by her bold, contemporary weaving. Originally from Chicago, Nicholson moved to Indiana looking for a "simpler life" in which to concentrate on her artwork. Her Barn series of tapestries were completed quickly after the move. Don't they just take your breath away? So visually bold with a pared-down simplicity. As Nicholson herself said, "when a place is brand new to my eyes, I feel I can see with extraordinary clarity and know it won't be too long before these sharp novel sights become everyday custom and I lose that x-ray vision". Her work graces galleries all over the world but she also sells her own ribbon creations, often featuring the minutae of the farm. What I love about her work is how it seems to deal with both the large and small things of life. There are quite a few places you can see her work on the Net. Firstly, there is her eponymous blog, Laura Foster Nicholson, and then a second blog, LFN Textiles. There is also an online store for her ribbon collection here and an Etsy store here.


Nicola said...

Oh WOW!!!!!! Those taperstries are so simply beautiful. The pared down colours and simple graphic lines..........i think im in love.

AND THAT RIBBON!!!!! Oh My Goddess!

caramela said...

Fabulous tapestries, and what a unique and expressive colour palette-
Another lovely discovery Kylie!
Annamaria x

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Now this is the kind of thing I love; I'm not a green fan but I love the bold colours and simple graphics. I'd love to do something with the first two.

Amanda Nicole said...

Oh my, yes yes. How amazing is that reflective water?!

mieke willems said...

beautiful. will check it out. i like the house!

LFN Textiles said...

well, what a nice surprise to find myself down under! thank you for this post ---