Monday, May 4, 2009

Work in Progress: Green Blanket

It's Labour Day public holiday here in Brisbane and I decided (once I could tear myself away from checking into the gazillion or so blogs I love!) to tidy up my work room. The impetus here was finding the instruction booklet to my Janome sewing machine - I feel like there's a lot more I could be doing with this wonderful machine if only I could find the magical book!
No joy on the book, I'm afraid, but I did find many many unfinished projects that I'd totally forgotten about... Like this green blanket! Not all of the felt pieces I'd cut out have been sewn on yet, but I think I took a breather from it because I could see it was missing something and I must have decided to have a think about it... Maybe I could cut out and sew on felt pieces of the name of whoever I end up giving it to? (Not sure which lovely child that will be yet!) It would fill that gaping space in the left hand corner... What do you think it needs?


Anonymous said...

GReat work. I adore it.

If you think it needs something in that corner, try a third bird facing down, it will produce a diagonal that will balance the tree diagonal and result in a even X. Probably should be done in a bright colour to compensate the 2 flowers on the right.


Kylie said...

Great idea - thanks for that! Kylie