Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wood block prints?

Relief print of a Hemlock tree stump by Bryan Nash Gill

Have you seen this post about Bryan Nash Gill's relief prints of tree stumps? Apparently Bryan literally scratched his fingernails into every groove to get this detailed relief - it's just stunning. This Hemlock stump measures 52" long by 38.5" wide. So, it's not exactly insubstantial, but only if you have that spare $4000.oo hanging around!

Want to try this at home? Spread ink evenly across the wood face with a roller and place some high quality paper over the top. (Bryan used handcrafted washi paper.) Then, buff those fingernails and start exploring every single groove and tree growth ring. Don't let that paper slip now!

Thanks to Printeresting for leading us here.

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