Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Technologies - Fabric

From childhood, it's been a secret dream of mine to develop a paper-like fabric that can be paint-splashed or decorated in whatever way you choose and then washed clean ready for your next ephemeral creation! (Something to do with paper dolls, no doubt!)
Apparently, I'm not alone in dreaming up these fantastic things... The lovely Janet from Artery has sent me a link to the Tokyo Fiber Senseware 2009 exhibition, held last weekend in Milan. Have a look at the site to see all the fantasmagoricals. For now, above is Felibendy (it's feely and it's bendy!) by the designer Kosuke Tsumura. This nonwoven fabric is extremely lightweight with stretch-ability, and is acoustic- and water-absorbant. I just want to paint on it!

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