Friday, April 10, 2009

Web Finds: Helena Horstedt

Helena Horstedt Collection No.2
Helena Horstedt Collection No.3
Helena Horstedt ss2008
Helena Horstedt aw2008

It must have been three years ago now that I came upon this beautiful website for Helena Horstedt, a Swedish designer who appears to handcraft her pieces for sale exclusively in her home country. (Anyone please feel free to correct me on this!) I've tried all kinds of searches to find her work elsewhere without success. 

I've posted one example from each of her collections as a taster. They're all high drama pieces, but so is all her work - all black + all bold. The sculptural quality of her designs is breathtaking, as is her fashioning of fabric into a 3D work of art. She brings out my inner Goth Queen!