Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspiration: Beatrice Alemagna

I first came across the beautiful work of Beatrice Alemagna via Elisabeth's very fine blog, but I think I really fell in love when I saw the homepage on her website (above). It says so much about her talents - the exquisite detail in patterning and the fine-boned illustration and story weaving. Alemagna decided at the age of eight she would become "a painter and writer of novels". Italian by birth, she now lives and works in Paris where she had her first break into the world of illustration...

My very first illustrated work was a poster of “l’Ecran des Enfants” (children’s screen) for the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. It happened accidentally, when I found myself being the only adult watching in there a movie for children. I never thought one could find work by going to a movie…"

My favourite book by Beatrice is the beautiful Un Lion a Paris, and it was lovely to discover that this is her favourite too. Her combination of collage and illustration is just gorgeous... reminds me of the lovely work by this lady and this one too :)

More of Beatrice Alemagna's work can be found via her website.

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Fine Little Day said...

O yes Beatrice work is so lovely and inspiring.
Thanks for the link :)